Artisan Lounge

Slip into Artisan Lounge, an ultra-smooth blend of downtempo chill-lounge grooves selected & mixed by Mark Riva, including tracks by The MarsSaturn Sound, Blank & Jones, Andrew Lozano, Aktnuance, Julius Papp, Lisa Shaw, Da Funksta, Medsound, Nigel Hayes, Schwarz & Funk, Mephia, Lovebirds, Giovanni Lucchetti, Kodium, Bob Angetti, Llogicsoul, and Soire.

Artisan Lounge 2 extends your relaxing voyage into Loungeland with another delicious blend of ultra-smooth chill-lounge grooves – this time with a more up-tempo, nu jazz vibe – by diverse artists such as Elder Island, J.Lamotta, Mama’s Gun, Sun Scope, Deepconsoul, Manabu Nagayama and Soichi Terada, Allen Craig, Fauna Flash, Tommy Heron, Shur-I-Kan, OPOLOPO, Sunlightsquare, Jazztronik, and Rive Gauche.

Artisan Lounge 3 reaches deeper into the upper strata of ultra-lounge with another ultra-smooth blend of impeccable eclectic sounds including tracks by Digby Jones, Schwarz & Funk, Woogees, John Beltran, Urban Soul Project, Marschmellows, Jo Paciello, Soire, Mono Tuned, Doctor Rockit, Fuminori Kagajo feat. Jaidene Veda, Juan Mejia, Basement Jazz Ensemble, Fizzikx, Ludovic Allen, and Kabuki, plus remixes by Eric Kupper, Charles Webster, AtJazz, and Jazzanova.

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