Artisan Events creates innovative cultural arts programs, productions and promotions blending the arts, education and entertainment, including festivals, conferences, symposiums, salons, multimedia events, and conceptual environments, exhibitions, and happenings.

Previous programs and productions include:

After Dark: Media-arts showcase (San Diego)
Second Sunday: Monthly integral arts salons (Boulder)
Entermedia Exposure: Media-arts showcase (San Francisco)
That 70’s Night: Multimedia 70’s music experience (Chicago)
Joseph Campbell Mythological Roundtable Group (San Diego)
Art.Wine.Life: an innovative cultural arts program (St. Petersburg)
Social Media Mixer: Los Angeles Social Media Week Tweet-up events
• June Bug: Community arts celebration sponsored by Volkswagen (Boulder)
Good Vibrations: 50th Anniversary Summer of Love Experience (West Coast)
Jazzedelic: Weekly Acid-Jazz Supperclub at the Atlas Bar & Grill (Los Angeles)
Flow Lab: New media event with videowall pioneer Jon_9 (Guggenheim Soho)
Artasia: Multi-arts showcase celebrating 50 interdisciplinary artists (San Diego)
Metagrooves Expo: America’s first electronic music conference (San Francisco)
SpaRituals: Eco-cultural travel and resort activity program (Mayan Riviera, Mexico)
Art City L.A.: Showcasing 25 speakers during the first Los Angeles Innovation Week
An Evening with Alex Grey: Slide show, lecture and product release party (Boulder)
Art Café: Symposium with 50 speakers-presenters-performers at Colorado Art Expo
Multi-Media Mind Meld: New media event with video and videowall artist Jon_9 (LA)
Mango Beach Club: Themed entertainment experience based on the Sungrooves CD
Social Engagement Lab: Los Angeles Social Media Week workshop (Microsoft Store)

Creative concepts and award-winning/bidding ideas include:

The Imaginarium: A “Museum of the Creative Imagination” concept initiated as a bid to win the MacArthur Foundation’s 100&Change, a competition for a $100 million grant to fund a single proposal that promises real and measurable progress in solving a critical problem of our time. The Imaginarium proposal calls for the design, construction and staging of a revolutionary immersive edutainment experience that inspires and empowers people to better understand the world and its challenges and to become creative change-makers who proactively find new solutions.

Art City L.A.: A cultural arts program proposing a year-round artist showcase initiated as a bid to win the My LA2050 Grant Challenge awarding $1,000,000 to make LA the best place to learn, create, play, connect, and live which culminated in the Art City L.A. Showcase featuring 25 speakers from across L.A.’s landscape of the arts, creativity and culture as part of the first Los Angeles Innovation Week.

Festival of the Future: A Top 5 Winner in the California Dreams contest held by the Institute for the Future in 2011 which asked Californian’s to imagine the future. Conceived as an annual celebration capturing the Zeitgeist of a New Future Age driven by foresight, innovation, sustainable solutions, and proactive synergies, the Festival concept was also the top online vote winner in the contest overall.